Piano study is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can participate in. When you choose to take music lessons, you are choosing to study a skill that will benefit you and bring your life joy! We are a team of professional piano teachers who have chosen to make piano-teaching our business and occupation. Most of the work for your child’s lesson is actually done outside of the lesson, in order to plan for weekly lessons, monthly, semesterly, and yearly events. As with any business, costs are calculated to provide a high-quality service to students, provide a livelihood for its employees, and ensure that the business can thrive in order to continue serving students.

There will be a small, yearly price increase in fees. This is simply to keep up with cost of living increases. Therefore, please call the studio for current tuition rates for the 2017-2018 school year programs.

An annual enrollment fee of $60 per child ($100 for a family of two or more children enrolled) is added to the May invoice or time of enrollment for new students. If a student begins lessons other than the summer or fall session, a registration fee of $25 is applied.  Festival and competition fees are not included in the semester tuition. The adult private student fee is $30.


In order to enroll in lessons, you must choose one of the following payment options in advance:

Full semester
Two half-payments
Four equal monthly payment plan

To make billing efforts more efficient, no monthly invoices will be made or sent. Payment is the responsibility of the family in a timely manner. Monthly payments are due by the first lesson of each month, with the exception being at the beginning of the semester if lessons resume after the 10th.

For all late payments made after the 10th, there will be an additional $20 late fee added to tuition. Cash, checks (payable to Piano Pathways), and online Paypal payments are accepted. A convenience fee is added to all online payments.

 Where does tuition go?

Tuition at Piano Pathways’ includes the following services:

  • Lesson time spent with each student: lessons, performance classes, group lessons
  • Lesson-planning and curricular planning for each student
  • Recital costs and preparations: programs, refreshments, facility rental
  • Your teacher’s training, certifications, experience, and education
    • Current memberships of professional organizations, certifications, conferences, continuing education, and educational journals
  •  Studio expenses
    • Maintenance of instruments, acoustic and keyboards, tunings and repairs
    • Website maintenance and fees
    • Music library
    • Copies
    • Computers and other software
  •  Property taxes, federal and state taxes, insurance, business licenses, and retirement

We encourage you to find the right piano teacher and piano studio. Every teacher is different and may offer things that are important to you as well as things important to your musical development. Learn about the teacher’s education, goals and expectations, philosophies of music education, teaching experience, curriculum, and studio policy. Most importantly, find out how the teacher can fulfill your musical dreams and teach you the skill of music to enjoy for a lifetime.

What are the benefits of taking piano lessons?

Here is a great infographic from Encore Music Lessons that tells you what the primary and secondary benefits are of taking piano lessons!

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