Piano Lessons for Children & Teens

Piano Group Classes All school year lessons and classes begin August 14th, 2017. Private lessons opening for new students are extremely limited. Please call or email the studio to check availability.

The following group piano classes for Fall 2017 are open for enrollment:

Beginner Children’s Class (ages 7-8): Thursdays 5:00-5:55

Children’s Class Level II (ages 7+, must have had at least 1 year of prior piano experience): Fridays 5:00-5:55

Older Beginner Children’s Class (ages 9+): tentatively Fridays 6:00-6:55

Piano Pathways is a piano academy for all students- all ages, levels, and interests are welcome. For children six years and older, beginners or transfer students of any age, we want to help you learn to play piano and enjoy music for a lifetime. Music is exciting at Piano Pathways! Students learn how to read music, play duets and ensembles, improvise, understand music theory and history, and appreciate all types of music. Students play standard classical music, Christmas music, Halloween pieces, pop music, jazz, even hymns, while accessing technology in the learning process. We utilize acoustic and digital instruments, and blend the interests of the student and teacher to develop a unique program.

Group Piano

Group classes offer a comfortable pacing that teach students solid skills in music reading, performance, theory, listening skills, and ensemble playing. Classes are ideal for beginners but enjoyed by students of all ages and ability levels. These group classes are social, fun, energetic, and engaging with class sizes of 3-6 students. After several semesters together learning fundamental skills, students have the options to continue instruction in the group class, or transition to partner or private lessons.

Classes meet weekly, 55-minutes, for 16-week semesters. Please call the studio to ask about our current group class schedule and current tuition rates.

Partner Lessons

Partner lessons offer a similar structure to the group classes, with only 2 students in a lesson. This option is perfect for students who are transfers from other piano programs or are looking for a lesson option that gives them the blend of the private lesson with group class technology.

Partner lessons meet weekly, 45-minutes, for 16-week semesters. Please call the studio to ask about our current group class schedule and current tuition rates.


Private Lessons

Private piano lessons place an emphasis on individualized instruction with a unique curriculum tailored for each student. The curriculum emphasized in traditional lessons for pre-college students typically includes music reading and performance, ear training, music theory and history, sight-reading, and keyboard musicianship skills. Additional objectives focus on duet or collaborative playing, improvisation and composition, connection music to other arts and culture, and listening to and evaluating music. Students enrolled in private lessons are required to have either an acoustic piano or high-quality digital piano and are recommended for students devoted to practicing with limited involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Lessons meet once weekly, either 30-, 45-, or 60-minute lessons for 16-week semester. Please call the studio for current tuition rates.


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My eldest two children (ages 7 and 6), have just completed almost 2 years at Piano Pathways. We have absolutely loved our experience! I am impressed with how Piano Pathways focuses on mastery of the foundations. My kids are truly being taught to play the piano, which I believe will foster a lifelong love of music!
~Ellen, parent

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