Online Piano Lessons

This new and exciting online lesson environment is a specialty that Dr. Bellelo has researched and successfully taught in with students across the country. Students interested in this program will take piano lessons from the convenience of his or her home, utilizing a digital keyboard and laptop with the video-conferencing program Skype to talk with and see the teacher. These online lessons are incredibly accessible for anyone to use and has been shown to be as effective as traditional lessons. Click here to see how we have used the software Internet MIDI to connect our long-distance students to perform our Baton Rouge recitals.
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My distance learning experience has been nothing but positive. It becomes so convenient to do it (lessons) this way. It's been a real blessing for me because I don't know that I would have done this if I had to leave my home. I see a retired man sitting at his piano, enjoying some songs, and being eternally grateful to you!
~Bruce, adult online student

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